Working with Schools


LLA branches out, providing our maps and educational materials to schools in our region.



In 2017, LLA received a Wellborn Ecology Fund Grant to support our pilot project working with teachers from the following schools: Thetford Academy, Woodstock Union High School, Newton School in Strafford and Sharon Academy.

The grant allowed us to:

  • Meet with the teachers to learn about their classes

  • Provide each teacher with large format, durable town maps and LLA’s 10-town regional maps

  • Hire an educational consultant well versed in Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) to create curriculum for the teachers as well as a detailed teacher training packet with a template for the teachers to create their own curriculum

  • Hold a teacher roundtable to learn how teachers were using their maps and go through the educational packet and resources available on this website (ie: videos and teacher forum, an interactive site for teachers to exchange ideas)


Using LLA’s maps in classrooms puts lessons into perspective – making them real – enabling students to tie their lessons to their backyard and towns.



2017 Teachers' Comments:


“I used the maps during units on scale/models and while teaching about migration/land management choice.”

“Unit looked at moose and trout population. Maps provide basis for initial work looking at habitat. Students evaluated the solutions put in place to address moose population decline.”

“The maps are valuable because they are a concrete example of how we are impacting habitat. You can’t really see the fragmentation until you look at the bigger picture. It is valuable to have students get familiar with them [the maps] and then have them around the room for the duration of the unit so you can keep referring back to them and discussing them as you go.”



In 2018, LLA was fortunate to receive another Wellborn Ecology Fund Grant and will be working with teachers serving these six towns: Hartland, Pomfret, Vershire, West Fairlee, Norwich and Hartford.

This year we will:

  • Provide each teacher with large format durable town maps and LLA’s 10-town regional maps

  • Hold a teacher roundtable to introduce teachers to the educational materials developed last year and to the resources available on this website

  • Hold an early summer curriculum development workshop for teachers from all ten towns. All teachers’ projects will be added to our website’s Teacher Forum.

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Our Vermont Woods Information, programs, and partners to assist you in sharing the woods with students.

Vermont Conservation Design Maintaining and enhancing ecological function across the landscape is fundamental to conserving biological diversity.

Project Wild

Northern Woodlands Goes to School program provides classroom teachers with both a hard copy of the magazine as well as a digital edition. Current teachers and homeschooling parents are welcome to sign up.

Wildlife Management and Outdoor Education Techniques for Educators

Introduction to the Next Generation Science Standards video by Bozeman Science

The Understanding by Design guide to creating high-quality units. Wiggins, G., & McTighe, J. (2011). Alexandria, VA: ASCD. 

Visit our Educational Material page for more fun and educational links

Citizen Science

Explore and share your students’ observations from the natural world

iNaturalist Contribute to Science. Every observation can contribute to biodiversity science, from the rarest butterfly to the most common backyard weed. We share your findings with scientific data repositories like the Global Biodiversity Information Facility to help scientists find and use your data. All you have to do is observe.

Journey North Post your sightings and follow migrations of Monarchs, Birds and other animals


Thank you for making this work possible!


New Hampshire Charitable Foundation 

LLA's Where Wildlife Roam and Scientific Maps Go To School Projects were funded by  grants from the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation’s Wellborn Ecology Fund.

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King Arthur Flour

Food Donations for Scientific Maps Go To School Teacher Roundtable

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Co-op Food Stores

Food Donations for Scientific Maps Go To School Teacher Roundtable

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Vermont Fish and Wildlife Department

Donated educational  materials for Teacher Roundtable

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Upper Valley Food Co-op

Food Donations for Where Wildlife Roam presentations

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Vermont Center for Ecostudies

Providing Teacher Support

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Northern Woodlands

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